Federalismo ed economia sociale di mercato: l’esperienza tedesca

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Silvia Bruzzi


The article discusses the crisis of the European socio-economic model, suggesting the need to build a new federal institutional structure, in which at the same time certain competences are assigned to the European level and respect for the autonomy and specificities of the national and local level is guaranteed. Starting from the German experience of the 20th century, in which the two levels of government – federal and Laender – experimented with different forms of cooperation and autonomy, the article explores the perspective of multilevel constitutionalism for the construction of a completely new multilevel structure in the history of Western democracies coherent with the new multipolar order that is establishing internationally.

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Bruzzi, S. (2022). Federalismo ed economia sociale di mercato: l’esperienza tedesca. Power and Democracy, 6(2), 32–56. Recuperato da https://ojs.aduei.com/index.php/pad/article/view/45
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