La démocratie en infosphère Una politica nuova per l’era digitale

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Stefano De Luca


Luciano Floridi is regarded as one of the most important and internationally recognized authorities in the field of studies on the digital revolution and its consequences. Floridi developed a new area of research on “Philosophy of Information”, which, as explained in his work Il verde e il blu, covers the area of politics. The aim of this essay is to reconstruct the network of ideas contained in Floridi’s work, based on a new relationship-based philosophical paradigm. Based on this premise, the author aims to create a new political project in order to take advantage and control the transformations brought about by the digital revolution. This “social” project is based on the restoration of ethics, avoiding thinking along the lines of old ideologies and thus completing the previous “liberal” project, centered exclusively around individuals. The final part of this essay will address the compatibility of the two projects.

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De Luca, S. (2021). La démocratie en infosphère: Una politica nuova per l’era digitale. Power and Democracy, 3(1), 59–76. Recuperato da
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