Il pensiero giuridico allo stato mitico: un’epopea tragica

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Lorenzo Scillitani


The classical mythical figures evoked in the paper deal with a philosophical question of law, which comes back every time that it is a matter of personal identity. Moreover, identity presents itself as the content of a right, since it cannot be resolved in terms of a desire (to “possess” an identity), nor in an abstract “principle of reason”. This is the reason why desire cannot be translated into a legal claim; because legal thought of the myths prospects qualitatively much more than a desire; the aspiration to recognition overcomes the “finite” satisfaction of desire, making it the lever of a tension to infinity; the question “what am I?”, “who am I?” prevails over any “measure” of reason.

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Scillitani, L. (2020). Il pensiero giuridico allo stato mitico: un’epopea tragica. Power and Democracy, 1(1), 65-76. Recuperato da
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